Review: The Old Schoolhouse Homespun Holidays

hhDuring this season of celebrations, our family seems to never find enough time to sit and just be together. Often, we have so many fun activities to go to, we forget to enjoy each other. Homespun Holidays provided me with projects and activities that excited me and have helped me celebrate this Winter season with my three boys.

The staff at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ( has compiled this group of recipes, crafts, and traditions to help families celebrate the fall and winter holidays (find them here). And we are definitely enjoying them! We needed some fresh ideas to get us going this holiday season.

Included in the Fall and Winter sections of the book are

  • books to read together,
  • some new tradition ideas,
  • ideas of things to do with pumpkins and snow,
  • easy decorating tips,
  • recipes (including some no-baking ones),
  • and much more.

How did our family use Homespun Holidays?

This year, our family focused on the Winter chapter.

We are going to begin a new Christmas Eve tradition of eating a Shepherd’s Supper while reading the story of Jesus’ birth. I am looking forward to the simplicity and peacefulness as we prepare our hearts for Christmas the next day. This will help our family stay focused on what is really important about December 25: celebrating that the Messiah was born.

Our three boys are enjoying the daily Jesse Tree ornaments and devotionals. Homespun Holidays includes a couple of internet links to create our own ornaments.

Today we tried the 3D paper snowflakes. My 12 and 9-year-old took off with these. For my 4-year-old, I drew light lines for him to cut along so he could participate too. Now we have them hanging everywhere and it looks so festive around our house!

I always like to have a craft idea in my “back pocket” for when guests come over or volunteering in Sunday School, and the Lacy Angels was perfect. With clear directions and easy to find materials, I feel ready to go.

Other Winter activities include

  • creative decorating ideas,
  • things to do with old Christmas Cards,
  • simple sewing projects,
  • gifts from the kitchen recipes.

Our thoughts about Homespun Holidays

This E-book was so convenient to get. We downloaded it on a day we were snowed in and it helped to make the day fun.

The directions are clear and color illustrations of the finished crafts are included so my boys and I could follow them easily.

Homespun Holidays gave us some new and fun ideas to do together and some yummy treats to make and enjoy.

Where can you find this E-book?

You can purchase The Old Schoolhouse Homespun Holidays from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for $12 at

I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew ( in exchange for my honest review.


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