Review of Homeschool Copywork

Homeschool Copywork Review

Enjoy handwriting practice that engages children in God’s lessons!

What is Homeschool Copywork?

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.27.15Homeschool Copywork provided our family with a Lifetime Membership, which gave us access to many printing and cursive copywork practice books. The books are instantly downloadable and easy to access. We used Animal Alphabet Copywork Pages, 1 Corinthians 13 Cursive Copywork, 1 Corinthians 13 Manuscript Copywork, and Dragons of the Bible Copywork, Notebooking, and Coloring Pages.

Included in the Homeschool Copywork Instant Download

Our Lifetime Membership allows us access to the 50+ current copywork books available and any others that will be released. The variety of the available books is amazing!

Our family has enjoyed the Bible Verses Copywork books. There are also many copywork books using other literature sources such as the Star Spangled Banner, Lewis Carroll, Emily Dickinson, and Claude Monet.

Themes books include Shark pages, Dog pages, and Autumn in the Garden.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 22.17.22As an extra bonus, beautiful artwork is included in the copybook. My students are enjoying and appreciating amazing classic works of art. Not many curriculum sets take the time to make their books beautiful and enjoyable to use as well as functional.

How did our family use Homeschool Copywork?

My 4-year-old son is using Animal Alphabet Copywork Pages as an introduction to printing. He carefully traces the letters, which are written in an appropriate size for his little fingers, then colors the picture of the animal below the words. He enjoys tracing the letters in pencil, highlighter pen, colored pencil, or crayon. I give him these choices so the feedback from his fingers to his brain varies and keeps him motivated. He then likes to color the picture of the animal on the same page. Some days he works for a long time on the picture, some days are shorter, but every day he is increasing his fine motor skills. He loves having his own school writing book to use while his brothers are working on their own school. I love that he has an independent learning tool that keeps his interest!

IMG_6243My third grade son is enjoying the Dragons of the Bible Copywork, Notebooking, and Coloring Pages. He is working on learning cursive this year, but I noticed that his printing was becoming increasingly sloppy. So we needed a little fun printing review and the Dragons Copywork Book is perfect. Without tracing the sample words first, he jumps right into copying the Bible verses that refer to dragons. How great is that for a nine-year-old boy? Then he colors the exciting pictures below. He says that the pictures are helping him be able to draw his own dragons better!

I don’t think he notices that he is practicing printing, so don’t tell him.

After he finishes learning all the cursive letters, Nathan is going to move on to 1 Corinthians 13 Cursive Copywork. I am looking forward to giving him cursive practice that also increases his knowledge of the Bible!

I have the opportunity to teach a second grade girl who struggles with Dysgraphia. She has a lot of difficulty with shaping her letters, so the 1 Corinthians 13 Manuscript Copywork has really helped her. She works on a few sentences each day and says that she is surprised at how quickly she can finish them. By first copying, then printing on her own, her manuscript writing has improved dramatically. She loves to look back at the previously-completed pages to watch her skills increase. This is really encouraging and keeps her motivated to do more. She saves the coloring picture for last because it is her favorite part!

Our thoughts about Homeschool Copywork

Our family has enjoyed the Homeschool Copywork books as part of our homeschool curriculum. It has been a wonderful complement to our day.

  • Each page has a manageable amount of small motor practice between the writing and the coloring projects. My children didn’t feel overwhelmed at all.
  • The books vary in length, with about 20-140 pages each. My students felt the success of completing a book and the excitement of choosing a new one.

  • Some books, such as the John James Audubon Copywork book, are offered in a variety of writing styles such as cursive, printing, dotted lines, and D’Nealian, with extra pages to copy longer passages.

  • I appreciated that my students were learning Bible passages while practicing their writing. It is quality independent work that increased my student’s skills while allowing me focused time with my other children.

Where can you find Homeschool Copywork?

Homeschool Copywork can be found and purchased through their website. Each lesson can be bought as an assembled book or an e-book license. I found that the e-book licenses cost less than the books. I downloaded them and bound them myself.

I received free access to this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew ( in exchange for my honest review.

Homeschool Copywork Review


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