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Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again with another “Hold on to your seat” Christian audio adventure! Heirloom Audio Productions presents: Wulf the Saxon

Our family loves to listen to audio theatre together. We sit around, work on small projects and enjoy a good story. And this way my voice gets a break too. We listen in the car and at home. It is an especially great activity on these chilly nights. Don’t turn on the TV; instead pop in an audio adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions!

What is Heirloom Audio Productions?

Heirloom Audio Productions has produced our favorite audio drama adventures! Mix G.A. Henty’s exciting historical fiction, high quality audio and voice production, and Christian heroes that kids can admire, and you will experience an Heirloom Audio Production! With actors such as Brian Blessed, Chris Larkin, Helen George, Jack Farthing, Sian Phillips, and Patrick Godfrey, you will forget you are listening to Christian radio theatre as you experience the medieval world.

These time-tested stories by G.A. Henty have my three sons, my husband and me all wanting more as we revel in the adventure and excitement!

Heirloom Audio Productions has produced nine adventures that are waiting to be enjoyed!

As a precaution, please consider your child’s age and ability to enjoy suspense, as the adventures do have cliffhanger moments and sometimes a character, not the main characters, does die. My youngest son started listening when he was five years old and loves them as much as my fourteen year old son.

What is Wulf the Saxon?

Wulf the Saxon is a story of bravery, honor, duty, betrayal, and loyalty in the days of the Norman invasion of England by Duke William who then becomes King William the Conqueror. This is the story of the Norman conquest of England, which begins in 1066.

Wulf is a young Saxon man of 16 training to be a page to Duke Harold Godwinson when the story begins in England during the Middle Ages. Wulf is rash and easily jumps to anger, which gets him in trouble with Duke Harold. So he is sent home to inherit his families’ land and become the Thane of Steyning and hopefully to learn some manners and self-control. His friend Osgood attends him and they become inseparable friends and they hone their fighting skills and learn to govern men justly in Steyning.

Later, a much wiser and cooler-tempered, Wulf is sent for by Duke Harold to join him in London. The Duke is so impressed with Wulf that he makes Wulf his ward.

They set off on adventures together, but are soon shipwrecked on the coast of Normandy. Captured and imprisoned, Wulf and his friend Baorn manage to escape and reach Baron de Borgh who is in Normandy, yet loyal to Duke Harold. This leads to the rescue of Duke Harold and their shipmates.

After meeting and being tricked by Normandy’s Duke William, they return home to England soon to be invaded by the Welsh. Wulf fought with bravery and cunning and distinguished himself as a masterful leader. He becomes one of Duke Harold’s most trusted friends. At one point in the Welsh war, Wulf, Osgood, and Baorn are sent to spy out a castle fortress to see if it might be taken and how. Rather that just gathering information, Wulf and his friends devise a plan to boldly capture the castle with only a few men.

Meanwhile, King William of England dies and passes the Kingship onto Harold Godwinson. Now King Harold must rely on his faithful friend Wulf even more.

So that I don’t give the whole story away, I will just mention that Northumbria tries to battle to succeed from England. Wulf defends England at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and other battles against Normandy. Then resolutely protects King Harold during the Battle of Hastings.

Even though King Harold is killed, and King William conquers England the Conqueror of Normandy, Wulf, Beorn, and Osgood are saved by Baron de Burgh. Taken back to Normandy, Wulf lives out his life in Normandy with his dear friends. He marries for love and becomes a Lord himself.

How did our family use Wulf the Saxon?

As I have already said, our family loved listening to Wulf the Saxon. It is a story about brother against brother, which sometimes (ha ha) happens in our home too. So, like Wulf, my boys are learning to overcome their selfish desires and serve each other.

Join Wulf, as a boy becomes a man.

Wulf the Saxon mentions the oldest tapestry in the world, the Bayeux Tapestry. It hangs in Normandy, France, and tells the story of the Norman invasion of England. It was commissioned by King William’s half brother, Bishop Odo, and told the story of the Norman invasion while honoring England and Normandy’s leaders.

Where can you find this and other resources from Heirloom Audio Productions?

You can find this and other resources on their website or on their social media pages:



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