Review of Billy Graham: America’s Pastor by YWAM

In the world in which we are living, honest and honorable heroes are in short supply. Our children need to know about Christian heroes that have changed the world.

Our family has used YWAM Publishing books and study guides in our homeschool curriculum before, so I was thrilled to be given the change to tell you about their Christian and historical biographies. We studied Billy Graham: America’s Pastor, one of the books in the Heroes of History series. We enjoyed the Study Guide to enhance our learning experience.

Let us give our children a higher standard to live up to in the Christian life. Give them examples of people who have followed Jesus into difficult situations and found the joy in giving everything for Christ.

What are the YWAM Christian biographies?

Heroes of History walks us through American History from Columbus to looking at the future of America. By studying men and women who defined liberty and justice for all, our family has a deeper understanding of the values America was founded on. Great men and women have made this country by following God’s wisdom. We can all learn from them.

Christian Heroes: Then and Now let us experience the cultures and lives of people around the world who have dedicated themselves to reaching all people with the understanding of Jesus. They have suffered and sacrificed and have counted it as blessings to give all they have to God who saved their own lives. Read about miracles, unbending resolve, deep joy, and courage.

What is included in the Study Guide?

First, begin with the Homeschool Overview for Unit Study Curriculum Guides. I learned so much about how parents can use the intriguing biography books and CDs to teach their children using true biographies. Our family has used them for several years to teach American history, geography, time periods, social studies topics, comprehension, vocabulary, and character studies. Your family can expand to use them to also teach reading and writing.

YWAM provides activities that are easily adaptable for individual homeschool families, small groups, or class lessons. Each biography and study guide contains so much quality information that our family just can’t get enough!

The Study Guide is an amazing resource that provided us with comprehension questions and background information on the times and places the heroes lived in. My boys learned vocabulary and writing while being immersed in great stories. They evaluated these stories to see how the lives of courageous men and women can change their own lives.

The guide includes essay, research, and hands-on activity ideas for all learning styles. There are arts and crafts, community connection ideas, geography, and timelines of events.

Please take advantage of the study guide! It will enhance your family’s understanding of history and the world around us!

How does our family use The Heroes of History and Christian Heroes: Then and Now?

We have used the Heroes of History series to study American History, government, and culture.

We use the Christian Heroes: Then and Now to learn about culture, geography, bravery, and valuable character traits.

I really could go on and on about the lessons my three boys, my husband, and I have learned from YWAM Publishing’s biographies.

I highly recommend them to everyone I talk with about homeschooling. They have made an extraordinary difference in our understanding of the world and given us priceless character lessons and heroes to learn from.

Billy Graham: America’s Pastor

Our whole family was excited to learn more about this man that our amazing God used to change the course of history. The book begins with Billy’s childhood and his changing goals when he gave his life to Jesus. Through his education, work experiences, and family life, God prepared Billy Graham for the life-changing evangelistic crusades of which he was a part.

Giving all the glory to God, Billy Graham is a hero who was dedicated to telling people about God. He was bold and courageous and said things other people were afraid to say. He counseled presidents and world leaders while keeping a hold on his friendly hometown attitude that was beloved by so many.

Together Billy and Ruth Graham affected so many people. What can we learn from their dedication? Were there decisions we didn’t agree with? How can our lives change because of Billy and Ruth Graham’s story? Read and enjoy the lessons with your whole family!

Where can you find this and other resources from YWAM Publishing?

You can find these and other curriculum materials from YWAM Publishing by visiting their website or following these links:



Christian Heroes, Heroes of History & Study Guides {YWAM Publishing Reviews}


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