Review of Traditional Logic I and Traditional Logic II Complete Sets from Memoria Press

For learning Traditional Logic, Memoria Press has the curriculum you need!

Understanding logic, identifying when it is used well and when someone’s argument breaks down, is a skill all students need to have. As our culture and advertising try to talk us into behaviors and possessions we do not need to want to have, knowing logical arguments can help our children stand strong with what they know to be true.

For this review, we were thrilled to receive the Traditional Logic I Complete Set and Traditional Logic II Complete Set. It is a Christian homeschool curriculum, and can be used in a cottage school or private school setting.

Who is Memoria Press?

Memoria Press offers resources and curriculum for classical Christian education ranging from elementary grade levels through high school. Not just for the homeschool family, Memoria Press offers ways for involved families to provide knowledge to further the education of their publicly and privately schooled children.

They offer such topics as logic and rhetoric, modern languages, literature and poetry as well as the traditional subjects of math, science, and phonics.

What is a Classical Education?

A classical education focuses on children memorizing and repeating information in the grammar stage, using the information to ask “why” in the logic stage, and evaluating the information to become effective writers and communicators during the rhetoric stage. It focuses on seeking after truth through the study of classic literature, grammar, rhetoric, logic, math, music, and science.

What is included in the Traditional Logic I and Traditional Logic II Complete Sets?

Traditional Logic I is the Introduction to Formal Logic. This first course has 13 lessons covering topics such as judgment, deductive inferences, and the Four Statements of Logic.

Traditional Logic II is the Advanced Formal Logic course that comes after completing Traditional Logic I. It covers such topics as the types of syllogisms, case studies, and translating ordinary sentences into logical statements.

Each Complete Set comes with four books and an instructional DVD.

These sets focus on Traditional Logic, which is the language arts form of logic, not the mathematical form. Memoria Press’ curriculum focuses on Formal Logic, which focuses on the form and structure of logic. The purpose of the courses is to obtain truth by looking at the

It is a self-directed course so students are able to work at their own pace and reach mastery of a topic before moving on to the next topic.

For grades 7 and up, the Traditional Logic Sets focus on classical syllogism. Memoria Press has done a great job at explaining these challenging concepts with clear, concise language that students in middle and high school can understand.

Weekly lessons begin with the Text. My 14 year-old son, Josh, and I read the chapter on Monday. Each chapter is short, which we were thankful for because Memoria Press gives a lot of excellent information and we were able to absorb it in small portions at a time. There is plenty of room around the borders to write question, notes, and observation, which we did take advantage of.

On Tuesday through Thursday, we turned to the Workbook. It has four days worth of lessons and review questions. Some questions are recalling information with true/false questions, matching, and identifying terms. Others are explaining concepts and putting them into practice. Having four days worth of questions really helped Josh to take in and use the logic lessons and techniques.

After competing the workbook, Josh turned to the Quizzes and Tests book to check for mastery of the information. The fill-in-the-blank questions really made sure that Josh knew his stuff and was ready for the next week of lessons.

Of course, my favorite book was the Teacher Key. With instructions to help parents teach, and verbal and mental expressions for different leaning styles, the Teacher Key is a valuable resource that I took full advantage of. Having not learned logic myself, I relied on it to direct me in conversations and important points I needed to teach.

The DVD is in lecture format where students can practice taking notes and applying them to their text and workbook practice. It is not the most exciting DVD we have seen, but it does give necessary information to increase understanding.

Josh and I learned so much Memoria Press’ curriculum about the fascinating subject of Traditional Logic! I know you will as well! So take the time and learn to master logic!

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