Review of “Taking the Mystery Out of Geology” and “Geology and Apologetics”

We love rocks! And even more, we love knowing where they are from and how they are formed.

Here in Colorado, we have an amazing variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils to explore. And Northwest Treasures can help you do so from a Christian creationist point of view!

Our family was intrigued by the online videos, “Taking the Mystery out of Geology” and “Geology and Apologetics,” offered by Northwest Treasures. We thoroughly enjoyed them!

As Christians, we may sometimes feel intimidated by scientists. Some Christians think they have to change Scripture’s meaning to match what scientists are saying. Because of this, many Christians have been silenced by doubt and unbelief.

It is time for this to change! We need to equip our students to know and master the Scriptures and understand how they relate to the scientific world around us.

What is Northwest Treasures?

Northwest Treasures is a treasure chest of geology resources! Their desire is for students to be thoroughly equipped to tear down false ideas and concepts that are put forward by the scientific community. With correct scientific knowledge, comes confidence.

Modern geology finds itself in a time of uncompromising Naturalism where science excludes God, Scripture, and the Church. During the Enlightenment, people were discouraged from thinking for themselves and told to rely on scientists for their knowledge of the world. This removed faith and Scripture from the world of science.

Now, our children need to reverse this trend, clarify the issues, and set the record straight by bringing God and His Word back into the scientific fields.

Northwest Treasures combines apologetics, which is defined as an answer or a clearing of confusion, with geological scientific information that backs up what the Bible says. They use Scripture references to help students identify wrong scientific thinking and be able to state it correctly.

What does Northwest Treasures offer?

The Northwest Treasures digital products provide clear and precise accounts of scientific information that supports the Christian, Young Earth, Biblical evidence we see around us.

Curriculum kits with rocks offer students of all grade levels the opportunity to dig deeper into the world around them and develop a strong foundation for Christian beliefs.

Fieldtrips are offered for families and students. Our family would just love to accompany the Northwest Treasures team on one of their exciting adventures.

About the seminars and education, the Northwest Treasures team states, “This is perhaps the most important part of what we do here at Northwest Treasures. A proper understanding of geology is vital to understanding biology, anthropology, earth science and paleontology. This in turn will lead to a deeper and richer understanding of the Bible and what God has spoken there.”

“Taking the Mystery out of Geology”

“Taking the Mystery out of Geology” is a 20-minute video that provides an overview of the importance of geology from a Christian worldview. Patrick Nurre leads us through some common basic geological misconceptions so our children can be aware of and identify scientific ideas that do not line up with the Bible. Knowing these, students are made aware of the arguments they will hear in school and identify the Truth from the Scriptures. This can help keep their beliefs strong and keep them from being swayed away from a Christian worldview.

“Geology and Apologetics”

“Geology and Apologetics” is an online digital class for grades 8 to adult. The six classes are videos talking about scientific misconceptions that can confuse students and pull them away from a Christian Biblical perspective. Patrick Nurre is very Gospel-oriented as he lectures about vocabulary, philosophy, the age of the earth, and much more.

He uses clear and interesting diagrams, illustrations, and charts to help us understand the information. Information is given visually and auditorally to meet the needs of different learning styles.

Seeing the bible as the ultimate authority, Patrick encourages students to think about what they are hearing in schools that differs from the Bible. Does science really make sense without an intelligent creator? Is Earth really millions of years old, or did Earth experience a catastrophic flood that changed so many things? What do we see in Earth’s rock layers that back up what the Bible says?

“Dinosaurs and the Bible”

“Dinosaurs and the Bible” is another online digital video course that explains how dinosaurs fit into the Genesis account of Noah’s Flood. Children are bombarded with false information about dinosaurs. Please give your children the correct Biblical information so they will not be swayed away from Jesus!

Classes from Norwest Treasures are also offered through

The curriculum kits and books are exciting!

Northwest Treasures offers many curriculum book and kits that include rock samples. The high school “Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project: Building Faith for a Lifetime of Faith” is a wealth of Patrick Nurre’s knowledge of geology from a Young Earth perspective that will strengthen your child’s faith and help them stand for Jesus in face of anti-God scientific ideas that our world is preaching.

For pre-K to 2nd grade students, “Geology for Little Eyes” gives students a solid foundation for trusting God’s word.

“The Geology of Yellowstone” is a fascinating look at the unique geological landforms in our first national park. This is a must before visiting this amazing display of God creativity. Do you want to understand the Flood of Genesis and the geological proofs for it? Then begin here!

Many other curriculum topics are offered and I can’t go into all of them here. So check them out yourself and pick up a Rock Hounding Kit for your area. You will find it to be fascinating!

What are our family’s thoughts on the Northwest Treasures resources?

As Christians, we know it is God’s role to change someone’s heart, but it is our role to be able to present information about our Creator in a clear, fact-based, and non-defensive way.

My three sons, ages 7, 11, and 14, loved watching the videos! The questions at the end of each video sparked great discussions and reflections.

I hope that Northwest Treasures will offer them on DVD soon. I would love to be able to access them at any time, even in our car!

We took screenshots of the charts to be able to print them out and refer to them frequently. I would love for Northwest Treasures to offer these in a printed version for our geology notebooks. I recommend that you print them out and keep them in a handy place.

The inexpensive price for the digital videos makes them easily accessible for home use. This was so helpful! We are going to purchase the “Dinosaurs and the Bible” series next!

Where can you find more information about these curricula and resources from Northwest Treasures?

You can find more information about these resources by visiting their website or following these social media links:



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