Review of Case Makers Academy’s Forensic Faith

Our family loves to learn about the evidence supporting Christianity! It strengthens our faith as it increases our knowledge of this world. Go ahead and investigate Jesus like a real detective would.

We have loved reading Case Makers Academy’s Forensic Faith for Kids written by J. Warner Wallace and published by David C Cook.

What an apologetic treasure! This Christian worldview book is a must-read for all Christian families!

Who is Jim Warner Wallace?

Jim Warner Wallace is a retired cold case detective from Los Angeles County. Through his books and the Case Makers Academy, he teaches us to look at Christianity like a real detective would. What is the evidence? Are there any eyewitnesses? How do our clues fit into the big picture?

Wallace writes with a relaxed and inviting style that pulls kids and adults into the story without intimidating them with scientific information.

Wallace makes evidence for Christianity and apologetics approachable and understandable for kids! Don’t be an accidental Christian. Everyone’s faith is challenged at some time. We need to have evidence that leads us, and others, to the truth and protects us from getting it wrong. Wallace’s book can help!

What is Forensic Faith for Kids?

Kids should know that there is evidence for Jesus being God. Christians do not have blind faith in Jesus. There is strong forensic evidence. Forensic Faith teaches kids how to look for answers to hard questions and communicate them well.
Forensic Faith for Kids is Wallace’s third book for young people. It begins with two problems to solve. The first is that the kids find a lost Corgi puppy named Bailey at a car wash. Who does she belong to and how did she get to the car wash? How can they get her home?

The second problem is a much tougher one. A friend needs evidence that Jesus is God. Did He come right out and say it? Did His actions back up His claim to be God? What do the eyewitness say about Him?

The question of “Is Jesus God,” is foundational to Christian faith. Are we going to believe this carpenter from ancient Israel?
Wallace teaches kids to find the answers for themselves. If we always only asked other for the answers, we wouldn’t have the depth of knowledge we earn my searching for ourselves. Learn how to search the Bible for answers, conduct interviews to help answer important questions, and gather information from reliable sources. Think through what you learned and how to answer your questions. Then, compile all the information and communicate it effectively to others.

What is included in Forensic Faith?

Marco is a teen who doesn’t believe that Jesus is God. He wants to know if there is a place in the Bible where Jesus claimed to be God.

Do our kids have the skills and knowledge to answer this question? What would they say if a friend asked them? What kind of Christian faith do they have: unreasonable faith, blind faith, or forensic faith?

Through practices of real detectives, students can learn how to gather evidence, interview others, and communicate their findings clearly.

Forensic Faith is an active reading book. This means that students are encouraged to think for themselves and work with the information as they read. There is plenty of room to take notes in the sidebar. In fact, Wallace has included questions and fill-in-the-blanks for kids to complete as they read. Readers learn detective definitions and gather “Tools” for their detective bags as they learn about how detectives think. The CSI assignments send students to the Bible to look up verses.

Diagrams and pictures illustrate key points. For example, what is the history of eyewitness and Christians who believed because of evidence?

In Forensic Faith, Detective Jeffries teaches a group of young people about detective work. He guides them as they work to solve the two mysteries they are faced with. Jeffries explains and demonstrates the steps to gathering information. He teaches them why the steps are important in our decision-making and investigative process.

The last chapter helps kids transition from seeing the evidence to understanding that Jesus can be our Savior and we can have a personal relationship with Him. How does the evidence affect how we live our lives? How does this knowledge change us?

Cold Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene

J. Warner Wallace has written two other books for kids. Cold Case Christianity discusses the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. Did it really happen? What evidence and proof is there?

God’s Crime Scene looks at the evidence for God as the Creator. The universe is His evidence. Did it pop into existence by chance, or did an intelligent Creator carefully plan and put everything together for a purpose?

Our family has read both these books and absolutely loved them! I suggest starting with Cold Case Christianity and reading them in order. The skills learned in each book build upon one another as you learn to think like a real detective.

What is the Case Makers Academy?

We had so much fun with the online Case Makers Academy!

There is a video for each chapter in the book. You can watch it ahead of time or after reading. Wallace gives readers ideas to watch for and questions to consider as they read. He is energetic and well spoken. He adds a personal touch to the books and explains key points.

Through the Case Makers Academy, you can also download and print Training Activity Sheets that provide fun activities like word searches and puzzles to solve regarding Marco and Bailey. The Academy Notebook Sheets have fill-in-the-blank questions to help you remember the information in each chapter.

Be sure to print out the Adult Leader Guide, which has discussion questions and additional information about important concepts from the chapter.

Before you begin reading, go to the Case Makers Academy to print and make a detective lanyard. After reading, make a personalized certificate of completion. You are learning to think like a real detective, show it off!

How did our family use Forensic Faith for Kids and the Case Makers Academy?

Our family loves learning with Forensic Faith for Kids and the Case Makers Academy. My two younger sons and I read the book aloud while discussing the concepts using the Adult Leader Guide. My oldest son is in high school, so he is enjoying Wallace’s Cold Case for Christianity for adults.

Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith are so intriguing. They look at tough questions and help to prepare kids to have an answer. Don’t have blind or unreasonable faith. Have faith that is based on evidence, eyewitness testimony, and experience. Build your detective tool bag so that you have the resources and knowledge to gather information, ask questions, and find answers.

Wallace gives us steps to follow through Forensic Faith and the Case Makers Academy. First, we have to realize that we have a duty to master the evidence and communicate it to others. Next, comes an uncomfortable test that shows us what we don’t know and what we need to learn. This test can help motivate us to seek answers. Then begins the training to prepare for the challenge. We use our investigative skills to deploy into the world and seek information from reliable sources. After that, we must listen carefully to people to find out what they are specifically asking in order to use our knowledge to carefully and gently communicate what we have learned.

Great, right? We love it and I know you will too! We can’t wait for the next book with Detective Jeffries!

Where can you find Forensic Faith published by David C Cook?

You can find more information at their Facebook page:

Forensic Faith for Kids {David C Cook and Case Makers Academy Reviews}


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