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Do you ever wish you had access to a math tutor who was available everyday and could come to your home at a moment’s notice?

Using Math-Whizz from Whizz Education is like having a math tutor in your home, which is available at any time!

My two sons love increasing their math skills with Math-Whizz! It makes math practice like playing a game. For this review, our family received a 12-month online subscription for 2 children.

What is Math-Whizz?

Math-Whizz is quite amazing! It adapts to each child’s needs as they work through the program. If your student has mastered the math lessons, the program allows them to skip ahead. But if they need a little more practice, it offers helps and more problems to solve.

After logging in, students complete an assessment to help the program see where they need additional help. This way, it adapts to your child’s needs and doesn’t waist their time working on concepts they have already mastered.

Math-Whizz is a supplemental math-tutoring program. This way, it helps with your current math curriculum, no matter what you are using.

Math-Whizz is designed for parents, students, and teachers to work together for the child’s success. It encourages parents to keep the teachers informed of student progress. This way, teachers can track student progress in class also.

Whizz Education recommends that students use the program 2-3 times each week for about 30 minutes at a time.

Whizz Education generously offers a free trial of the program so parents can check it out and students can try it out!

What are the features included in Math-Whizz?

Lets begin with the Parent Dashboard. This is what I have enjoyed most often. After I log in, I can view reports that show me my boys’ progress with concept mastery and what lessons they have completed toward their goal. I can also send them virtual stickers, certificates, and encouraging mail to keep them motivated. It is fun to send them messages and encouragements and then listen to the boys discover them as they working on their math!

The Weekly Activity Summary shows students where they are in working toward their goal. It plots their progress as an online character climbs mountains. It keeps track of the weekly time they spend and shows how many credits they have earned.

Now on to the main event: The Study is the online environment where students begin. Set us as a study, students can access everything from here. It is a fun place to go to receive mail, check your virtual stickers, get math jokes, and begin their lessons.

The Topic Bank lets students and parents and students see topics they can practice and access lessons to practice right away. I used this feature when my boys got stuck in their main curriculum and I wanted to show them some other math questions to help them practice. I also used this to repeat some lessons when needed. The Topic Bank also shows you the scope and sequence of your child’s math plan. Users can mouse over an exercise to see what topic the lesson covers.

In the Replay feature, students can return to previous lessons for further practice, to raise their scores, and to earn medals. They can challenge other users around the world. This is a fun and unique opportunity for fun competition.

A Dictionary and Math Tools area gives access to definitions, which the program reads aloud if needed. A calculator, ruler, protractor, scratch paper, coins, and other tools are available for students to use as they progress.

Students earn coins/credits as they complete lessons, take tests, and challenge other players. The Safe keeps track of how many credits you have already earned.

When players are ready to spend their credits, they enter the Play Area where they can buy prizes and play games. My boys especially liked buying a virtual pet and caring for it by purchasing food on a weekly basis. There are 20 games to play that are fun and offer different game-like math challenges.

And if you need help, you can always access the dictionary and math tools from the Menu in the lower left part of the screen.

The “Report” clipboard gives parents the stats on weekly activities completed.

How did our family use Math-Whizz from Whizz Education?

This program has been great fun for my boys. One is working at a sixth grade math level, the other at a second grade level. They can easily log themselves in a get started through The Study. It is fun for them to shop and play games, then get going on their lessons.

As you are logging in, we noticed that you could change the language Math-Whizz used. The default is on Great Britton English, but we switched to American English.

The animated lessens entertained and taught both boys in a fun way. They wanted to continue and work daily. Seeing their progress really motivated them to continue. Earning the credits, shopping, and playing games kept my boys involved even when the lessons were tough.

I have looked for a math game for my boys for years and couldn’t find one I liked. But Math-Whizz is it! I wanted a program that offered additional practice after I taught the math lessons. I wanted to easily move around to different lessons as my children needed them. I didn’t want them to be stuck completing a ton of math problems after they had already mastered the concept. Math-Whizz meets all of my criteria!

Where can you find Math-Whizz from Whizz Education?

You can find Math-Whizz by visiting their website or following them on Social Media:



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I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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