Review of Heirloom Audio Productions presents: For the Temple

Turn off the TV and turn on For the Temple!

Heirloom Audio Productions has created another riveting, “Don’t push the pause button,” audio adventure! Heirloom Audio Productions Presents: For the Temple.

What is Heirloom Productions?

One of our family’s favorite activities together is to listen to great Christian audio entertainment.
Heirloom Audio Productions has produced some of our very favorite audio drama adventures! Six of the amazing historical stories by G.A. Henty have been made into Christian radio theater for young people so they can learn about Christian heroes and significant historical events of the past.

Heirloom Productions’ audio adventures can be used by homeschool families as well as by involved parents to further their children’s understanding of history, heroes, and Bible studies.

Are you looking for someone your child can look up to? Heirloom Audio Productions provides time-tested characters and stories by G.A Henty that are both exciting and life-changing.

What is For the Temple?

For the Temple is a story of two boys becoming men, the decisions they make that shape their character, and the significant events that form their values. One boy, Titus, lives in Rome but travels to Israel with his father, Vespasian, to quell the Jewish uprising there. The other boy, John, lives near the Sea of Galilee. His quiet life on the vineyard is torn away when duty calls and he enters into battle under General Josephus. Both boys distinguish themselves in battle and are given greater responsibility though they are still teens.

After the Roman army captures Josephus, John leads a band of young men who fight the Romans gorilla-style to keep their attention pulled away from the cities and to save civilian lives.

Eventually, the fighting moves to Jerusalem where John and his 600 followers vow to save the Temple. He and Titus have a chance meeting where they become friends. Titus is not aware of John’s military role, but John knows who General Titus is.

Before John and his men can defend Jerusalem and the Temple from the Romans, they must save it from the Jews who are feuding among themselves. John eventually brings the Jews in Jerusalem together, but is it enough to save the Temple? You must listen to find out!

Later in their lives, Titus becomes Emperor of Rome. John, back on his vineyard, becomes a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. Upon visiting Rome, he is able to tell Titus about Jesus and The Way. The men remain friends and John is able to visit Titus often so they may discuss the growing Christian church.

Heirloom Audio Productions offers other resources to families.

Our family also enjoyed the free downloadable Study Guide with For the Temple. It provided us with background information on the historical figures in the audiobook such as Roman Emperor Nero. Each track on the audiobook has a corresponding page in the study guide where you can answer questions to check for understanding in the Listening Well section then evaluate the information further with the Thinking Further questions. There are vocabulary words and some geography activities. Included are Bible studies and resources for learning more about the Biblical themes woven throughout the narrative.

When preparing to download the study guide, I suggest using the black and white copy without a background. We began printing the full-color version and, while beautiful, used a lot of ink and took a long time.

You will want to check out the free online “Live the Adventure Club” provided by Heirloom Audio Productions. They have articles, science experiments, recipes, and activities to do with kids, historical information, and more. Join this supportive community to enhance your learning with resources and tips. It is a resource that families shouldn’t miss out on!

How did our family use For the Temple?

We listened to For the Temple audiobook drama together in the evenings. The 2 CD story was perfect entertainment. We were able to discuss the study guide questions to further our understanding of the story as well as the history and significance of the Roman occupation in Israel during the first century. We could hardly wait to hear the whole thing, and then wished it wasn’t over!

The sound quality is outstanding and the voices are amazing. This is a high-quality production that we will listen to over and over!

Parents, please be aware that John does not defeat the Romans in the large battles, nor is he able to save the Temple during the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. As this may disappoint listeners, our family turned it around to be an opportunity to discuss what it means to follow Jesus through times when we feel defeated ourselves. God’s plans do not always look like our plans. Yet, we must follow Him and realize that His plans are much better for us.

Also, because this audio story has battles, people do die. This can be difficult for children to listen to. John also meets a man who asked John to kill him out of mercy. In the study guide, listeners are asked to find the Biblical stance on mercy killings. Use this as a time for discussion as it is an issue in our world today and our children may be asked one day to take a stand. They should know what the Bible has to say.

Biblical themes include, Jesus is our Savior, we must worship God, and how His followers are the temple of God. As you listen to For the Temple, turn to the back of the study guide and look up the Bible passages there. I would have liked to hear more of these themes in the story, but we were able to study them ourselves in depth through the Study Guide.

Where can you find this and other resources from Heirloom Audio Productions?

You can find more information about For the Temple and Heirloom Audio Productions on their website by following these social media links:

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