Review of K-2 Unit Studies from Homeschool Complete

Are you looking for a way to change up your homeschooling and add some variety and sparkle?

Homeschool Complete offers all-inclusive curriculum along with shorter unit studies to enrich your school day.

At our house, we are studying American History, so were delighted to review two Unit Studies: Colonies and Pilgrims from Homeschool Complete.

For this review, our family received the digital products for the K-2 Unit Study: Pilgrims, and the K-2 Unit Study: Colonies.

What is Homeschool Complete?

Homeschool Complete offers two groups of curriculum. The grade level Complete Curriculum is a unit study-based year or semester-long study that covers multiple subjects. The Unit Studies are shorter topic-driven studies that range from one week to several weeks of material. With unit studies, students saturate themselves in a topic to learn as much as they can in a condensed amount of time.
The activities include worksheets and hands-on projects for different learning styles. Our family especially enjoyed the cooking and active play suggestions. There are suggestions for customizing the materials to fit what your child needs. Manipulatives are included that encourage hands-on learning.

What was included in the Unit Studies?

We enjoy unit studies because there are so many activity choices all focusing around a topic. We received two unit studies. My son and I were able to complete each unit study in a week.

The Homeschool Complete (K-6) Unit Studies came with language arts activities including comprehension readings with questions, sight words to practice, printing practice, and spelling manipulatives. The math included base ten counting pieces, place value practice, addition and subtraction activities, and flash cards. For social studies, we read about historical happenings surrounding the pilgrims and the colonists. Homeschool Complete also included active play and art suggestions.

Each unit study came with a wonderful teacher guide that included a list of all the materials needed for the week, the daily activities, additional literature suggestions, and much more. It made it easy for me to read through the guide, order some books from the library, and prepare for the week.

The student pages are inviting with their cute illustrations and bright colors. My son did not feel overwhelmed with how much information was on each page so he was willing to get started right away.

How did our family use Homeschool Complete?

Sam, my second grade son, and I enjoyed the unit studies together. We worked on them each day for two weeks. It added a lot of fun to the American History studies we are currently working on. The additional literature was fun because it really expanded my history library. Sam and I loved reading these books together.

We used the Unit Studies mainly for literature and history subjects. The math and spelling skills addressed were a little easy for Sam. I think they would have been better suited for a first grader. The content of the literature and history, though, could work for any K-2nd grader.
Sam made the game suggestions and loved the cooking ideas. The Pilgrim study focused a bit on Thanksgiving, but we still enjoyed it in February.

Where can you find this and other resources from Homeschool Complete?

You can find more information about Homeschool Complete and the Unit Studies by following these social media links:

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Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}


I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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