Review of Famous Inventors Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom

Are you like me? Overwhelmed by the Internet and stumped by where to begin looking for online homeschool resources?

With these homeschool unit studies, Techie Homeschool Mom makes it easy to navigate and access online resources to enhance your homeschool curriculum!

For this review, our family received digital access to Famous Inventors Online Unit Study.

My sons are interested in science, inventions, and technology so we were thrilled to by introduced to Techie Homeschool Mom! It was a trifecta of genius, literally.

What Is Techie Homeschool Mom?

The Internet is full of information and resources that can enhance your homeschool experience. But there are so many places to look and questionable sites, how do you know whom to trust? I feel so overwhelmed that I often don’t take advantage of the possibilities available. Do you feel the same way?

With Techie Homeschool Mom, Beth Napoli has done all the work for you. She has researched the topics and chosen the best sites for kids. She has sifted through websites and pulled resources all together for us. With a few clicks through Techie Homeschool Mom, you can have easy access to resources you never knew were out there. With everything organized in an easy to access format, Beth has simplified my life and prevented hours of frustration.

This digital resource offers access to a tech-based discovery learning experience. You don’t need to download or print out anything. Since it is an online resource, you can have access using any devices you would like to use. After enjoying the videos and articles on one page, simply click the “Complete and Continue” button. This takes you to the next pages of resources or to your Online Unit Study page to begin the next lesson. Easy!

The lessons are completely self-paced and designed for mid-elementary and middle school students. After your purchase, you have unlimited access to the unit studies for as long as you like. And since they are self-paced, you can take as much time as you need to master the information.

There are many homeschool online unit studies to chose from. Topics include, but are not limited to: Ancient Rome, Famous Artists, Holidays, Solar System, Elections, and the United States Presidency. We are looking forward to studying Famous Aritsts and Holidays next!

What is included in Famous Inventors Online Unit Study?

For the Famous Inventors Online Unit Study, Beth chose ten inventors to highlight. Each has entertaining videos and articles about the inventors. Some have brief quizzes to check for understanding of the topic.

A hands-on activity is included with each lesson. After gathering the supplies needed, students can read the online directions to complete it. There are a wide variety of activities that will appeal to different interests and abilities. For example, in the Famous Inventors, we had science experiments, models to build, an art lesson, and inventions to recreate.

How did our family use Famous Inventors Online Unit Study with Techie Homeschool Mom?

One thing we loved about the Online Unit Study is that all three of my boys enjoyed it. With one in elementary, one in middle school, and one in high school, that is not an easy accomplishment.

The videos were short and informational, fast-paced and upbeat. With the unlimited access to the unit studies, we watched the videos and read the articles several times. Because the lessons are self-paced, we enjoyed them several times a week.

The activities provided a chance for them to put their knowledge into action. They had to solve problems, check their work, and work together toward success. Some of the activities were larger and needed specific supplies that I purchased. But most were simple, fun, and used materials found around our house.

My boys called the lessons “breaks from school.” How great is that? My youngest even argued with me saying this should not count as school because it was so fun.

Where can you find this resource and more from Techie Homeschool Mom?


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Solar, Ancients and Famous People Unit Studies {Techie Homeschool Mom Reviews}


I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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