Tyrannosaurus Sue

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

201 S. Fairview St.
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Phone: 719-686-1820
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Sat., August 17, 2019


 Cost: Included with museum admission. Call for pricing.

The Orchestra of the Springs will perform a work entitled "Tyrannosaurus Sue" by renown composer Bruce Adolphe. The music will follow the life of Sue on her journey searching for food, chasing a Parasaurolphus and battling a Triceratops. This will all be with narration. They will also play a few short arrangements from "Jurassic World". This will be a program that combines classical music and dinosaur history. After the concert, there will be an instrument "Petting Zoo" where the children will be able to try out several different instruments to see where their talents lie. Please join us for this exciting program.


Deb Robi

Phone: 719-686-1820
Website: Click to Visit



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FEATURED EVENT: Sat., August 17, 2019
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