Outdoor Machinery Days - Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Western Museum of Mining and Industry

225 North Gate Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Phone: 719-488-0880
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Fri., July 13, 2012


If you are looking for a day to visit the WMMI, today is the day! The machines are turned on! Huge and loud, it is educational science at its best!

Hear the shrill whistle of the Western Museum of Mining & Industry's 1928 Osgood Steam Shovel.

Learn how compressed air locomotives replaced the poor mule in hauling mountains of ore, and then see one rumble out of the past and down the track!

Listen to the stories describing the dangers of being a mill man.

Understand how industrial revolution technology helped our ancestor's hew a living out of Colorado's hard rock, and then brace yourself as the kinetic energy of our 1890's machinery comes alive.

Activities are included with regular admission.

Adults: $8, Military/AAA: $7

Seniors & Students: $6

Children 3-12: $4

Museum members and children under 3: Free.

The museum is located at exit 156A off of I-25.

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Phone: 719-488-0880



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FEATURED EVENT: Fri., July 13, 2012
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