Super Kids Save the World! - Presented by the Pikes Peak Children's Museum

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Sat., September 03, 2016


Your children's museum is ready to bring a second exhibit to town!

Super Kids save the World

Hands-on exhibit that empowers kids to Reduce, Resuse, Repair and Recycle!

Straight from the St. Louis Children's Museum comes Super Kids Save the World, an exciting interactive exhibit for kids ages 2-10. Based on the book George Saves the World by Lunchtime by British author Jo Readman, Super Kids shows us that by taking simple steps, families can become eco-friendly superheroes right here in Colorado Springs.

In the Super Kids exhibit, your very own superheroes will don super hero capes and boots, repair broken toy cars, and pack healthy lunches. Out in the garden, your heroes can pick veggies to take to market, turn the compost pile, and hang clothes on a clothesline. Your superheroes will have a chance to visit the farmer's market and the recycling center. They can even explore the red convertible smart car, wash the windshield, and fill the gas tank with biofuel. And don't forget to visit the research lab! In the lab, our superheroes will pump algae water through a photo-reactor, use a microscope to identify algae among other microorganisms, and turn a hand crank generator to experience the difference between traditional and energy-saving lightbulbs.

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FEATURED EVENT: Sat., September 03, 2016
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