APPR Teen Movie Project - Old Colorado City Library

Old Colorado City Library

2418 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs,, CO 80904

Thu., September 29, 2016


Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? Here's your chance!

Teens will meet once per week to plan, film, and edit their film throughout September and October. Please see below for dates, times, and activities.

Week One - September 8

Time to meet the team! During this session, we'll introduce ourselves and begin to talk about the project. Discussion will include plot, filming locations, scripts, etc.

Week Two - September 15

Scripting and Blocking. Teens will develop a script for their project to assist in the filming process.

Week Three - September 22

Filming begins! Taking the ideas from the first session, we'll begin filming.

Week Four - September 29

Filming Continues.

Week Five - October 6

Last week of filming. We'll continue filming this week, getting our last shots in.

Week Six - October 13

Editing. Time to bring everything together with editing software. Teens will get the chance to edit their film and learn a little about the editing software available from PPLD.

Week Seven - October 20

Editing Continues.

Week Eight - October 27

Finishing Touches. Teens will finish polishing up their project and prepare for the premier!

PREMIER - October 29

Are you red carpet ready? Teens are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and bring their friends and family to watch the premier of their Halloween Movie Project!

Please note, any participating teens should plan to wear the same outfit for all filming days in order to maintain continuity.

Registration is required for this project.

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FEATURED EVENT: Thu., September 29, 2016
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