Kids' Cooking Camp- MasterChef Jr.

The French Kitchen

Rockrimmon Area
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Fri., December 30, 2016


 Cost: $275- 5 three hour classes

A kid's cooking camp over Christmas break where they can learn classic techniques, explore their culinary creativity, and have a friendly cooking competition with kids their age on the last day of camp.

In this exciting series, kids will learn elemental French cooking techniques such as making sauces, knife skills, egg and potato cookery, sautéing, searing and braising meat. It's a lot of learning and a lot of fun! The last day will be a friendly restaurant competition using all their newfound knowledge, and you get to be their best customers!
Learn how to make the mother sauces, three-course meals and plating, eggs, potatoes, proteins, and hone in those knife skills.

Located at The French Kitchen in the Rockrimmon area. Details come in the registration email.

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Kristi Tutt

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FEATURED EVENT: Fri., December 30, 2016
Kids' Cooking Camp- MasterChef Jr. »