Homeschool Day: Wild Wetlands - Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion

6252 West 104th Ave.
Westminster, CO 80020

Phone: 720-974-1864
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Thu., January 18, 2018


Wetlands are incredibly important to our environment! They protect our shores from floods, absorb pollutants and improve our the quality of our water. Plus, they're home to a diverse array of wildlife, including some truly incredible invertebrates.  

On January 18, homeschoolers and their families are invited to explore the world of wetland invertebrates with the zoo that knows them best! You'll chat with real scientists and participate in hands-on activities that facilitate learning and fun.

Tickets (per person): $5 members, $8 non-members


Website: Click to Visit



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FEATURED EVENT: Thu., January 18, 2018
Homeschool Day: Wild Wetlands - Butterfly Pavilion »