East Coding Club - East Library

East Library

5550 N.Union Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Fri., January 12, 2018


Have you ever wondered what makes computer programs run? Ever wanted to make a fun program or learn how to make a game?

Learn the basics of how to code!

In this club, teens and tweens can learn to code at their own pace as we explore different programs and concepts. We'll begin with a lesson series that teaches the basics of javascript. This club is self-guided, so everyone can learn at their own pace.

Ages 9-18 only.

The 2nd Friday we do Google CS courses, so registration is required for the 2nd Friday!

4th Friday is open hours for students to work on their coding courses or for other interested coders to come in and code for an hour!

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FEATURED EVENT: Fri., January 12, 2018
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