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Sat., February 03, 2018


Wetlands are land areas that are flooded with water. They include rivers and their flood plains, lakes, and swamps and also exist along coasts as salt marshes, mangroves and coral reefs.

Urban wetlands are found in and around cities and play an essential role in making cities safe and sustainable. They act like giant sponges that absorb flood waters, they replenish drinking water, filter waste, provide urban green spaces, and are a source of livelihoods. Plus, they're home to a diverse array of invertebrates like dragonflies, shrimp, and snails, as well as plants like mangroves, cattails, milkweed, and more!

With the growth of population and cities, scientists estimate that at least 64% of the world's wetlands have disappeared since 1900. It is urgent that we take action to ensure wetlands are protected for the future!

Butterfly Pavilion's World Wetlands Day features…

  • Live demonstrations showcasing the value of these environments
  • Chats with real scientists about their wetland invertebrate research
  • Activities that explore wetland types and their animals & plants
  • Crafts where you'll build your own wetland invertebrate 
  • And more!

This event is included with General Admission. Butterfly Pavilion World Conservation Days feature live animal encounters, interactive learning facilitated by experts, and other entertainment suitable for guests of all ages. 


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FEATURED EVENT: Sat., February 03, 2018
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