Rainbow Falls Geology Walk - Rainbow Falls Historic Site

Rainbow Falls Historic Site

Cascade, CO 80809

Sat., October 13, 2018


At Rainbow Falls Historic Site

Join Professor Mark Izold, Pikes Peak Community College Geology, and discover the rich geologic history of the Rainbow Falls area. We will see and touch the Great Unconformity and hear about the Cambrian and Ordovician time periods and evidence for life found in the strata of this area. The paleoenvironment in which these animals lived will also be discussed.

$4 per person.

  • Driving Directions:
    Rainbow Falls can be located from US Hwy 24 exit south on Cave of the Winds Road; follow Serpentine Drive to the first hairpin turn; the parking area is on the west side of the road.
    • Parks Department:
      (719) 520-7529



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FEATURED EVENT: Sat., October 13, 2018
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