Fathers Day Bison Adventure with Colorado Buffalo Soldiers

Bella Vista Bison

24485 Co Rd 5
Elbert, CO 80106

Sun., June 16, 2019


 Cost: $65-$78

Join us for a one-of-a-kind Fathers Day event! Relive the excitement of the wild American west with the Colorado unit of Buffalo Soldiers. You'll be transported to the 1800s when buffalo were on the brink of extinction and settlers were pouring into areas west of the Mississippi. Spend an afternoon learning their story and be wowed by a gunfight and high-speed maneuvers on horseback. Enjoy live music during a meal featuring smoked brisket and turkey. Experience the wonder of our bison up-close with feeding and hay wagon tours. The evening will close with a toast honoring the brave soldiers who played a key role in settling the American West. VIP ticket holders get to sit at a table with a soldier during dinner. Please note: Bella Vista Bison is a private farm, not a commercial property. Due to the rural landscape and nature of our operation, we cannot accommodate persons who are unable to walk without assistance.


Teresa Fischer

Phone: 3036478210
Website: Click to Visit



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FEATURED EVENT: Sun., June 16, 2019
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