Portraits, A Puppeteer's True Story - Simpich Showcase

Simpich Showcase

2413 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Phone: 719-465-2492

Wed., April 24, 2019


"These players that I've sculpted in clay and tied to strings have, in truth, shaped me and held me up. Our time together on stage is a celebration of all I have learned and am continuing to learn from them…"

The Simpich Showcase Theatre will present a Special Easter season engagement of Portraits: A Puppeteer's True Story, an original theatre piece which brings to life an unusual array of biographical sketches using the art of marionette puppetry.

Puppeteer David Simpich has carefully chosen a collection of characters that have greatly influenced his own life. The cast includes King David, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Pinocchio, cave explorer Jim White, Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man) and even Simpich's own great grandmother, Harriet Ritter. 

Recommended for adults and children ages 6 and up.


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FEATURED EVENT: Wed., April 24, 2019
Portraits, A Puppeteer's True Story - Simpich Showcase »