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Kindermusik – Feel the Beat Studios, Colorado Springs

A good beginning never ends!

Through the Kindermusik program at Feel the Beat Studios, your children will learn the love of music, rhythm, and instruments as they dance, play, imagine, and listen during a 45-minute class. They will not realize that their brains are being developed, their vocabulary expanded, and their musical abilities increased, but you will. Love of music and rhythm is a strong foundation for any instrument in later life.

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Hours: Various weekday times.


Costs (summary): Cost for class sessions and materials varies.
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Kindermusik - Feel the Beat Studios
3311 West Carefree Circle
80917 | Go to Map

Nearby Cross Streets: Academy & Constitution

18075 Minglewood Trail Monument, CO 80132 Northwest Studio 2041 Chuckwagon Road Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: 719-641-7240

Contact: Lisa Johnson
Website Address:

2 Reviews of “Kindermusik – Feel the Beat Studios, Colorado Springs”

  1. dan November 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    We love the Kindermusik studio run by Lisa Johnson. Our two older boys have learned from her and her excellent teachers since they were infants, and we can’t wait to get our third child learning.

    Knowing how important music is to early child development foundations, it was important to us to expose our kids to great music learning and exploration experiences. We wanted to get this right, and with Kindermusik we are confident we have!

  2. Bethany May 28, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    We have been going to Kindermusik for the last two years. My son and I really love the classes and enjoy meeting the other families. Lisa, the owner, and all the teachers are really dedicated to introducing kids to music in a fun, playful environment. The classes have helped my son become confident in meeting new people and making friends. They also help teaching things like picking up toys and learning self control. It’s wonderful meeting other parents and seeing the kids grow throughout the class term.

Review Kindermusik - Feel the Beat Studios

Programs Offered:
Village -- ages infant through 18 months
  • Educates you about your baby's total development through Kindermusik Foundations of Learning - statements based on the most recent research.
  • Encourages joyful participation in a music making community.
  • Nurtures bonding between you and your child through intentional touch warm-ups, exercises, interactive dances and musical play.
  • Provides natural connections between singing and reading out loud, listening and communicating through literature books.

Our Time -- ages 18 months through 3 years

  • Recognizes your child's need for both freedom to try and the assurance of your support.
  • Educates you about the interactive nature of the total development of your child through music, movement and literacy.
  • Promotes joyful music making as a community.
  • Encourages the building of characteristics related to successful learning in school: self-confidence, curiosity, self-expression, social skills and cooperation.
Imagine That- ages 3 through 5 Benefits for Your Child and You
  • Nurtures your child's imagination and creativity.
  • Creates a learning environment that integrates music, expressive language, peer interaction and pretend play.
  • Challenges your child through activities that promote problem-solving, making choices and expressing ideas.
  • Allows your child to have an active role in the development of music and movement activities.
Young Child- ages 5 through 7 Benefits for Your Child and You
  • Balances activities that integrate listening, vocal development, movement and performing in instrumental ensemble.
  • Introduces your child to the written language of music while cultivating music creativity.
  • Provides age-appropriate musical experiences that lead your child toward a lifetime of joyful music making.
  • Helps you and your child recognize special interests or skills for future formal music instruction.
Kindermusik Adventures Summer Camp- ages newborn through 7 years old Don't let the learning stop when the school year does! You can keep it going through these fun summer camps. Sign and Sing- ages 6 months to 3 years old Benefits for Your Child and You * Communicate with your child even before she can form the words. * Ease a child's frustration by helping her communicate what she needs, speed language development, and enhance long-term learning abilities. * Know when your child is most ready to interact and learn. * Learn sign language teaching methods, such as making the sign on a child's body, on the floor, or hand over hand. * Recognize and respond to your child's version of signs. Family Time- ages newborn and up Benefits for you and your child * One convenient class that families can take together * Introduces musical concepts and develops musical skills * Allows each child to develop social skills—such as sharing, and turn-taking—in a multi-age, multi-child environment * Strengthens the emotional bond among family members Group and Private Piano Lessions- call Lisa for age details. Small class sizes lend themselves to greater learning.

Summary of Educational Offerings:
Feel the Beat Studios offers classes and lessons several times during the day, providing convenient options for homeschool families.

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