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Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan Learning offers tutoring in reading, writing, math, and study skills.  We also offer ACT Prep Seminars and STEM camps in Robotics and Coding. Our tutors are all certified teachers, we have state of the art assessments, and our students use iPads to enhance learning. Parents are also connected 24/7 and we communicate with schools and classroom teachers to further encourage success.

Whether for an hour of help, a seminar, a camp, or educational tutoring, Sylvan is the Best!

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Hours: M-F 11am - 7:30 pm, and Sat 9am - 1pm


Sylvan Learning Center
7861 North Academy Blvd.
80928 | Go to Map

Nearby Cross Streets: N. Academy and Jamboree

Phone: 719-593-1273

Contact: Kari Sanders
Website Address:

Cost Details:
STEM Camps = $150 for 5 weeks
Math Edge = $99/month
Tutoring = $40-$55/hour
ACT Prep Seminar = $890

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Programs Offered:
Beginning Reading

Our program is designed to instill a love of books and reading, while developing reading readiness skills. Your child's tutor will focus on phonics, language, letter recognition, sound knowledge and listening comprehension. Learn how a Sylvan reading tutor will help your child succeed. more info.
Elementary Reading

Sylvan can help children at this age to develop effective reading skills to help them in all of their studies. Instructional emphasis includes phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension. Learn more about a Sylvan elementary reading program. more info.
Middle School & Junior High Reading

Our middle school instruction is designed to help your child become more proficient and confident in word knowledge, reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Learn how reading tutoring from Sylvan will help your child succeed. more info.
High School Reading

Sylvan offers high school tutoring that improves those skills that students need to better process, analyze and retain written information, regardless of subject. Learn how Sylvan will develop your child's reading skills. more info.
Advanced Reading

This program is designed to help students in grades seven to twelve master skills that dramatically increase reading speed, improve comprehension and enhance retention. We guarantee to raise your child's effective reading rate by 50% with just twelve hours of instruction. Learn how Sylvan reading tutors will help your child succeed. more info.
Study Skills

Our study skills curriculum provides students at every grade and stage of development with age-appropriate strategies to approach homework and study time with less stress and more confidence. In the process, your child will retain more information longer, and with greater accuracy. Learn how Sylvan will help your child's study skills. more info.
Elementary Math

Sylvan's approach to math instruction is sequential, logical and focused on key skills across all elementary grade levels including addition and subtraction, fractions, decimals graphing and more! Learn more about math help from Sylvan. more info.
Middle School & Junior High Math

Our middle school instruction provides the confidence and fundamental skills that are required to perform well in high school and beyond. Tutoring programs will ensure mastery in key areas including multiplication and division, algebraic reasoning, problem solving, geometry and more! Learn how Sylvan's math tutors will help your child succeed. more info.
High School Math

Sylvan's tutoring program is aligned to your local curriculum, state/local testing requirements and child's syllabus. Lesson plans incorporate both skill building and homework support. Tutoring is available for algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and integrated & senior math. Learn how Sylvan's math tutors will help your child succeed. more info.
Algebra 1

A Sylvan algebra 1 tutor will provide your student with the skills to solve the toughest of algebra problems with confidence. Students of Sylvan algebra tutoring will learn and apply essential algebraic concepts:

• Connections to algebra
• Equations and inequalities
• Polynomials
• Factoring
• Algebraic fractions/rational expressions
• Linear equations and graphing
• Radicals
• Quadratic functions and equations

Learn how a Sylvan algebra tutor will help your child succeed. more info.

Sylvan's program provides your student with the important foundation of geometry, a subject that is essential for continued success in more advanced math courses like trigonometry and calculus. Our tutors follow a personalized to teach your students the following:

• Angles and lines
• Triangles and quadrilaterals
• Circles and three-dimensional figures
• Similar triangles and transformations
• Advanced triangle applications
• Inductive and deductive reasoning
• Writing proofs

Learn how Sylvan's geometry tutors will help your child succeed. more info.
Elementary Writing

The typical student in our elementary writing program is enrolled in grades four through six. In Sylvan's writing program your child will learn the steps of the writing process, master age-appropriate writing techniques, sharpen vocabulary and spelling skills and improve grammar. Learn more about Sylvan's writing tutoring services. more info.
Middle School & Junior High Writing

Sylvan's middle school writing program will allow your child to dramatically improve general writing skills while incorporating appropriate vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Learn how a Sylvan writing tutor will help your child succeed. more info.
High School Writing

Our writing program will help your teen tackle the toughest classroom writing assignments, perform better on standardized tests, and prepare for the SAT/ACT® with a sense of purpose and confidence. Learn how a Sylvan writing tutor will help your child succeed. more info.
ACT™ Preparation

Sylvan's ACT™ preparation course has proven to significantly increase test scores (five or more points on the ACT) to help students get into the colleges and universities of their choices. Learn more about ACT test preparation from Sylvan.

ACT is registered trademark of ACT Inc.
more info.
SAT* Preparation

Sylvan's SAT* preparation course has proven to significantly increase test scores (160 points on average for the SAT) to help students get into the colleges and universities of their choices. Learn more about SAT test preparation from Sylvan.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product. more info.
Sylvan Courses for Credit

Courses for credit can serve as a substitute for summer school or a means to make up a class because of illness or transfer during the school year. Sylvan is accredited by the same organization that accredits your local school. Credits earned at Sylvan maybe accepted at schools, colleges and universities around the world. Contact us today to find out more about Sylvan courses for credit. more info.
Sylvan Online™

With the help of Sylvan Online™, your son or daughter can catch up, keep up or get ahead in school without leaving home. Your child will work online in real time with a highly trained and certified teacher who provides quality grade-appropriate instruction in reading and math. Contact us for more information about online tutoring from Sylvan. more info.
Homework Help

Our highly qualified tutors help your child understand the assignments and make sure the work is completed with a thorough understanding of the material. Thanks to flexible drop-in scheduling, Sylvan tutors are available as needed after school and evenings to accommodate your busy schedule. Learn more about homework help from Sylvan.

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