Parent Idea Card #1

Parent Idea Card #1 – Try Free Classes

Not sure whether your kids would prefer soccer, music, karate, art, or gymnastics (etc., etc.)?


Take a week or so and ask for free try-out sessions at all the programs you’re interested in (your kids will have a blast!). Most kids’ programs offer free trial classes to give you a taste. Some programs also offer public demonstrations, open houses, inexpensive parents’ nights out, and birthday party opportunities so you can see them in action.

Following are some of the many programs that offer free trial classes, no-obligation first classes (pay only if you continue), and inexpensive try-out sessions. Contact them for more details:


Parents’ Nights Out give you a break (think date night) while your kids have fun, and you get a peek into a program and its staff to see if your kids like it.

These organizations occasionally offer free activity days, public performances, and free or inexpensive open houses/open play time. Contact them to find out more about opportunities:


And here are a few organizations that provide birthday opportunities for members and non-members, a great way to get a feel for their services while giving your kids and their friends a fun party experience (view all birthday parties):


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